AniracetamWhat is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a new brain – enhancing drug with apparently far-reaching effects in behavioral matters such as depression and anxiety. It operates on the various brain receptors by pumping dopamine into them which changes the way they fire and affect an individual’s behavior.
It is also known for its beneficial effect on human creativity.

Aniracetam Benefits

  • Aniracetam is a relatively new player in the brain and mental health arenas, this preparation stands to provide fuel for creative endeavors at the same time it anecdotally alleviates depression and anxiety in individual patients.
  • Implications have also been found through studying laboratory animals who have ingested the drug that it additionally impacts memory, mood, compulsive behavior and judgment in those animals.
  • Its developers additionally claim that it is responsible for forms of cognitive enhancement and focus.
  • There is an increase in adult-neuroplasticity and also an ongoing investigation into the potential use of the drug to reverse some of the tragic effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Use of this drug to counteract fetal alcohol syndrome is being explored, both in terms of efficacy and safety for the fetus.

How it Works?

The claims about this drug are hefty claims indeed! But can these claims be validly substantiated by science or the medical community? Brain research is a developing field, and the effect of a drugs stimulus effect on brain receptors, which is the modality Aniracetam uses to create its stunning effects, is still incomplete.

Is Aniracetam regulated in USA?

Aniracetam is not a prescription drug. It can be freely ordered online and delivered to a consumers home without medical authorization. It is treated as any FDA-approved over the counter.

Is It good For Me?

Because Aniracetam has received FDA approval, it by that designation can be considered to be not bad for you, or dangerous based on what was known about the drug at the time of approval.

Because users have found this drug to be effective for a number of useful conditions, there is nothing preventing say persons from recommending the Aniracetam.
There have been no known side effects to date.

Proper dosage; approval and endorsement by authorizing agencies.

No set dose of the drug has been established, nor has any set therapy protocol been established, as is the general case for most products deemed to be supplements. That means that it has not been proven effective for any specified treatment. Although anecdotal evidence is strong for its potential uses, like most effective supplements, it cannot be legally prescribed or even recommended by a health food store.