What is Modalert?

Also known as Modafinil and manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical that is based in India, it is sold usually in dosages of 100mg and 200mg and as tablets.

There’s a good reason why this alertness promoting drug is now well-known. Its variant – Provigil – is expensive and which is why its popularity has grown, thanks to Indian online pharmacies putting it up for purchase. Of course, its primary purpose is to improve cognition, memory, learning among other cognitive processes.

Now, this drug isn’t anything new. It was developed in France during the 1970s as a derivative of adrafinil apart from other benzhydryl sulfinyl compounds.

After extensive research, it was concluded that this drug served as an excellent treatment of narcolepsy and which began to be used in 1986. Of course, there are questions as to how Modalert works…

Everything You Need To Know About Modalert

Modalert, as a drug with a number of benefits, is being discussed given that a number of researchers are not sure how it works. And it was only recently that that the fat-burning benefits of modalert popped up all over the internet. While it might seem like one of these fad pills, it is anything but.

Modalert has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Speaking of which: Have you ever worked a job where you had to change shifts every 15 days?
It’s very hard on your circadian rhythms for the simple reason that humans were meant to rise early in the morning and retire at night. Coping with these changes in shift on a regular basis can be difficult but where Modalert can help and so much more…



Among the many benefits that this drug has to offer, some of them include improving:

  •  Short-term and working memory
  •  Productivity
  •  Issues related to narcolepsy, sleep treatment disorder and shift work sleep disorder
  •  ADHD
  •  Weight loss by reducing appetite
  •  Issues relation to opiate and cocaine addictions

How It Works

In being honest, there are a number of mechanisms of action that Modalert is capable of but still not fully understood. Yet it has been found that it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system.

As for what is understood about this drug, Modalert has the ability to influence the Dopamine transmitter while limiting the reuptake of this neurotransmitter within the brain. What this results in is increased levels of Dopamine circulating in our bodies.

Apart from this, Modalert also has an effect on histamine levels as well as the norepinephrine, serotonin, and orexin levels within our brain too. This, no doubt, can lead to significant benefits that we can take advantage of and which we just listed above.

Is Modalert Regulated in the United States?

The United States is the only country where this drug (where Modalert is known as Modafinil) has been classified as a Scheduled IV controlled substance. In other words, the FDA asserts that this drug can cause an addiction.

So, it cannot be purchased from vendors in USA. However, a person, with a prescription obtained from another country, will be able to bring it into the country.

Is Modalert Good For Me?

While the maximum dosage for this drug extends up to 400 mg, it is wise to remember that, as with any other drug, overdosing is not a good option at all.

There are a number of side effects that are associated with just about any other drug too. Some of these include diarrhea, back pain, drowsiness, dizziness, congestion, nausea, nervousness, trouble sleeping, headaches, and stomach issues.

If you really want Modalert to work for you, then make sure you use it as infrequently as possible so that your receptors can reset avoiding the issue of tolerance build-up.