What is Neurofuse?

Neurofuse is a revolutionary new cognitive enhancer designed to boost energy and promote mental focus and performance.
It has been formulated to be safe and effective. In fact, the manufactures are so confident in its product’s effectiveness that it has offered a 30 day money back guarantee for all purchasers.

Neurofuse has been used with great results by people from different walks of life. It has been used by students to boost mental clarity and by athletes to help increase focus during exercise.



  • Sharpen focus and clarity
  • Improve mental performance
  • Boost energy and alertness
  • Reduce perceived stress and anxiety
  • Elevate memory

How does Neurofuse work?

Neurofuse is a synergistic blend of 13 ingredients, all of which contribute to its effectiveness. You get 60 capsules per bottle of Neurofuse.
Neurofuse suggests starting out with one capsule to assess tolerance, and then gradually increasing the dose to 4-6 capsules per day. Neurofuse produces tangible benefits within 15-45 minutes of consumption.
Rhodiola Rosea, one of the ingredients in Neurofuse has been shown in studies to reduce mental and physical fatigue, boost well being and reduce symptoms of stress.
Another ingredient, Bacopa Monnieri has been proven to increase memory power and rate of learning.
The other ingredients in Neurofuse are vitamins B12 and B6, L- Theanine, choline bitartrate, DMAE bitartrate, caffeine, phosphatidylserine, Huperzine A, alpha lipoic acid and vinpocetine. All of these ingredients are known for having either energy boosting effects or cognitive benefits.

Benefits of Neurofuse

Neurofuse is a nootropic supplement. That just means that it is a supplement that it increases alertness improves cognitive functions. Neurofuse has 13 powerful ingredients, all of which work in tandem to deliver power cognitive benefits.
The ingredients in Neurofuse have beneficial effects on your brain by improving blood flow, energy and increasing neurotransmitters. Many of the ingredients have been reported to increase concentration levels and mental clarity.
Caffeine, DMAE, Rhodiola Rosea and vitamins B12 and B6 work to lower your fatigue and help you stay alert. Neurofuse also helps you by boosting your powers of recollection and reducing your stress levels.
Other benefits of Neurofuse include an increased capacity for learning and improved memory consolidation ability.

The ingredients in Neurofuse have been clinically shown to:

  • Boost energy levels and mental clarity
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress
  • Improve memory and mental performance

Is Neurofuse regulated in the USA?

No, Neurofuse itself is not regulated in the USA. That is because the FDA does not review dietary supplements like Neurofuse. However, every one of the ingredients in Neurofuse have been approved and permitted for use in dietary supplements. Neurofuse also has stringent standards of quality. All capsules are made in a certified GMP facility which is routinely subject to inspections by the FDA.

Is Neurofuse good for me?

Neurofuse has been designed to be effective and suitable for all consumers. However, as with any dietary supplement, it is best to consult a qualified healthcare provider before you begin taking Neurofuse. This ensures that there are no interactions between the ingredients in Neurofuse and any medications you may be taking.
Also, if you have any pre-existing health conditons, some of the ingredients in Neurofuse may not be suitable for you.