What is Modafinil?

It was developed to treat a variety of medical conditions related to sleep disorders, that can impact performance during the day. This drug is able to help individuals to function even when they have serious issues sleeping and that can’t maintain a proper sleep cycle.

It was also found during tests, that the drug improved focus and make them more productive at work. The average attention span was increased when reading, writing, or performing complex mathematics.

Studies have shown that Modafinil might improve mental performance in cases of sleep deprivation, additionally it has a positive result on normal healthy adults, who weren’t sleep underprivileged. Patients found that their daytime alertness levels were at a noticeably higher level after taking Modafinil .

Following these findings, Psychiatrists began prescribing Modafinil to patients with ADHD and different kinds of cognitive impairments. Once these people reported positive results with much lower rate of side effect, as compared to traditional stimulant use (such as Adderall), the off-label use of this drug skyrocketed and became more an more popular.

Due to the fact that Modafinil has never been formally approved to be used in patients with ADHD, prescriptions generated for these conditions are categorized as off-label. It’s thought-about to be useful at improving focus and attention in adults.  It’s not recommended to be used by young kids.

Modafinil continues to be widely used as a cognitive enhancer and studies have found it to greatly improve some parts of memory (digit span, digit manipulation, and pattern recognition).

There is additionally proof that this drug is used as an efficient treatment to assist restore normal learning ability in methamphetamine addicts.



  • Motivation
  • Memory
  • Alertness
  • Reaction time
  • Enjoyment & Well-being

Modafinil Benefits

The treatment of patients with Modafinil have reported to assist individuals stay up and active, furthermore they reported that their mind is much clearer, if their memory has been previously worsened by the onset of sleep deprivation.

Studies have with success shown a correlation between the utilization of this drug, and holding better cognitive function, for healthy individuals that may experience issues to have a good sleep. However, not all of them might connect Modafinil to an improvement in cognitive performance.

Despite its positive effects to obtain better focus, concentration and short-term memory, it hasn’t shown vital improvements in cases that involved adults with ADHD/ADD. On the opposite hand, an equivalent condition found in kids appeared to benefit from the utilization of Modafinil to an equivalent or larger extent as methylphenidate, the prescription drug of selection for that purpose.

How it works?

It is a drug that promotes wakefulness, and alertness by increasing the hypothalamic histamine. Many studies have been made but the precise internal workings of this drug have nt been determined.
Another consequence is the increase of the amount of dopamine, what is a good stimulant that enhances the communication in neurons.