What is Nuvigil?

Nuvigil also was known as Armodafinil, which reduces excessive sleepiness which is usually narcolepsy and other sleep disorder, such periods such as when to stop breathing. This medication cannot cure sleep disorder, and it may also not get rid of all sleepiness. Armodafinil does not take the place of getting enough sleep. Nuvigil should not be used to treat tiredness or used for holding sleep in people who do not have a sleep disorder.

Health problems can cause people to have somebody weakness and thus making them not to be awake as their usually way they used to be. Such people need to look for Nuvigil.



It is of great benefit simply because;

  •  Nuvigil is a medication which promotes wakefulness of a person.
  •  It is very important because it is used to treat excessive sleepiness of a person which is caused by shift work sleep disorder, apnea or narcolepy.
  •  Nuvigil may also be used for the purpose not mentioned in this medication guide.
  •  Nuvigil enhances mental performance of a person.
  •  Helps in reducing tiredness state of a person.

How Nuvigil works?

It is very difficult to know how Armodafinil works to keep a person awake. Armodafinil is only thought to work by affecting some certain substances in the brain that control the wake cycle or sleep. Nuvigil is considered to be a powerful medication agent and used off-label for the purpose of increasing alertness, focus, and energy.
Nuvigil is considered a nootropic drug because it can lead in enhancing mental performance.

Is Nuvigil Regulated in the USA?

In the United State of America, Nuvigil is regulated, and it is also considered as a scheduled drug. This means that a person needs to have a prescription so as to be able to buy, use or possess Nuvigil. All drugs in the Unite State of America are all assigned specific schedule basing on their risks of sides effects. However, the drug is also considered if it is possible for abuse and addiction. Nuvigil has been assigned to schedule four; this is Nuvigil is considered to have low abuse and also negative sides effects. If a person to the United States of American, he/she is only permitted to carry up to fifty pills of Nuvigil in to the country provided the person has the prescription for them. However, importing Nuvigil in the form of purchasing them from an online pharmacy is not permitted in the United States of America by an individual without appropriate DEA approval.

Sides Effects of Nuvigil

The sides’ effects of Nuvigil are like a headache, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, nervousness and difficulty in sleeping. If a person experiences such effects which may be worse or persist, he/she must tell the pharmacist or doctor. The doctor will be the person who will help a person from these risks because he/she is the one that prescribed this medication. People who use Nuvigil do not experience serious side effects. A person is required to tell the doctor in a right way if he/she has serious sides’ effects and also a person has to get medication help in the right way if he/she has signs of sides’ effects. It is rare to have serious allergy reactions to this drug, and a person is advised to stop taking the drug in case of serious allergy and seek to get medication help.